How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar? Troubleshooting Guide and Solution

Reset is the ultimate solution that you can try to eliminate or flix any malfunctioning on your Vizio soundbar. Resetting deletes all the custom settings and data stored on your Vizio soundbar and restores it to factory default settings. There are some issues that can be handled without resetting and some issues need professional intervention as even resetting cannot fix them.

Here are a few issues that can motivate you to reset your Vizio Soundbar

No Audio From Soundbar

There can be many reasons for no audio from your Vizio soundbar. It can be silly reasons like muted volume or zero volume and serious problems like a damaged mainboard or outdated firmware. There can be some issues that can be resolved by resetting only. You can try maximizing the volume on the soundbar from both the source and the soundbar itself.

The cables should be connected properly and they should be damaged at all. If all of this is followed and the audio is still missing, you can move on to reset your Vizio soundbar.

Buzzing Sound

If you hear an irritating and persistent buzzing sound coming out from your Vizio soundbar, there might be several reasons for that. The first one could be another electronic device such as a microwave or router placed in proximity of the soundbar. Remove such devices and place them away from the Vizio soundbar.

Next, a loose cable connection and incorrect input setting can also lead to the emanating of a buzzing sound from your Vizio soundbar. Make sure the connections are tight enough and the cables are in perfect working order. Finally, if everything seems to be in place and in good working order, you can try resetting your Vizio soundbar as a better solution.

Blinking of LEDs and other Problems

` There are situations when the LEDs present on your Vizio soundbar start blinking in an abnormal fashion due to some unknown issue. There is no one particular problem that can cause this unusual blinking of the LEDs on your Vizio soundbar. So, the only viable solution to fix this issue which can be due to a multitude of reasons is to reset your Vizio soundbar.

Reset Vizio Sound Bar

Before you proceed with the resetting option, simply turn off your Vizio soundbar for 10 seconds or so and then turn it back on. This reboot can also solve many problems at times. If this doesn’t work out for you, you can follow these steps to reset your Vizio soundbar –

  • At First, press and hold the “Bluetooth” and “ Input” buttons on the Vizio soundbar for 5 to 7 seconds.  Your Vizio soundbar should restart after that. If it does not work out, go with the next combination mentioned in the following step.
  • You can also try pressing and holding the “Input” and “Volume Down” buttons for around 5 to 7 seconds. This should force your Vizio soundbar to reboot. If this too does not function as planned, try the next combination of buttons.
  • The last method is pressing and holding the “Input” and the “Volume Up” button for 5 to 7 seconds and this should restart your Vizio soundbar.
  • Out of the three combinations, one should definitely do the job for you if the two combinations mentioned above don’t work.
  • Once your Vizio soundbar reboots, it has been reset.

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