The Vizio Sound Bar Keeps Cutting Out: Best Solution

If you are a proud owner of a Vizio soundbar for a long time now, chances are that it has become quite old and outdated. Old and outdated Vizio soundbars get hot after you play music for some time and the issue of Sound Cutting starts. If your Vizio soundbar is a new one and the sound keeps cutting out intermittently, then your Vizio soundbar might be defective.

To verify this problem, there is a working way. All you have to do is turn off your Vizio soundbar and allow it to cool down for some time. After it has cooled down, turn it back on. Since the soundbar got an ample amount of time to cool down, it will work for a longer period of time before cutting out the sound again.

This problem of cutting sound in the Vizio soundbar arises because for some reason the Vizio soundbar turns off its amplifier to protect the mainboard. The lights will start blinking in an abnormal way which is a clear indication of the sound cutting problem. The popular solution to this problem is to clean your Vizio soundbar as dirt and dust can be the main reason for this kind of issue.

You can use sprays of compressed air in the slots present on the back of your Vizio soundbar to clean it properly. For a complete and comprehensive cleaning, you will need to open up your Vizio soundbar and clean it carefully. After the Vizio soundbar is cleaned properly, it should start behaving normally without getting hot and cutting out the sound.

Restart and Restore

If the problem of cutting out audio persists even after a complete cleaning of the soundbar, you can either restart or reset your Vizio soundbar to solve the problem and improve the performance of your soundbar.

While Restarting is not a major problem solver, it can definitely help your soundbar get a fresh start and clean out minor bugs and firmware clutters. On the other hand, resetting your Vizio soundbar can solve the problem if the issue arose out of some setting defect.

To reset your Vizio soundbar, you can follow the following steps –

  1. First, press the “Bluetooth” and “ Input” buttons on the Vizio soundbar and hold it for 5 to 7 seconds. Your Vizio soundbar will reboot. If it does not work, try the following step.
  2. This time, press the “Input” and “Volume Down” buttons for around 5 to 7 seconds and your Vizio soundbar should reboot. If this too does not work out, try the final combinations.
  3. The last combination is pressing the “Input” and the “Volume Up” button and this should do the job for you if the two combinations mentioned above don’t work.
  4. Once your Vizio soundbar reboots, it has been reset.

Change the Source Device

A defect in the source device can also lead to the issue of cutting out sound intermittently on your Vizio soundbar. So, if your Vizio soundbar is connected to your TV, it is quite possible that your soundbar is fine and the problem lies within the TV. You can confirm the same by connecting your Vizio soundbar with another source device like another TV or a smartphone to check if the issue persists.

Switch the Input Method

The port or the cable can be defective as well which can be a viable reason for the issue of cutting out sound from your Vizio soundbar. The optical or HDMI ARC port on your TV can be faulty or the HDMI or the optical cable might be damaged. You should confirm it by using another compatible cable or connecting it to a different compatible port. You can also connect it to a different TV if your current TV has only one functional compatible port for your Vizio soundbar.

Contact Vizio Support

If all the tricks in the bag fail and the problem is still there, the final solution would be to contact Vizio customer support for expert help. They are professionals who can provide you with better solutions and you can replace your soundbar. They will be of better help as they can provide your solution specific to your Vizio soundbar model. If the warranty period is valid, you can get a replacement for free, or else you will have to pay for a new one. Nevertheless, if your soundbar is pretty old, it is time to get a newer and better one.

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