Detailed Guide to setting up Amazon Alexa as a baby monitor

How to Use Amazon Alexa as Baby Monitor?

Did you find out you’re expecting a new baby or want to make sure you are available for your baby whenever necessary? 

Well then, that calls for a celebration. We have a solution for you. I’m sure you are a little nervous, but hey, life is a book, and we must keep learning. Another question you must be asking yourself is, ‘how to use my Amazon smart speaker to monitor my baby?’

Since you won’t be able to give all your time to your newborn, someone must be there when you’re doing other works. So, why not your smart speaker.

There are two options to hear audio from your Echo speaker in your baby’s room; either the Alexa ‘Calling’ feature or the ‘Drop-In’ feature. In addition to that, you can also see the video via Echo Show-Spot.

This article will help you learn how you set up Amazon Echo devices to work as a baby monitor. Also, you will learn everything you need to know about using this system. So, let’s get right to it.

List of Required Devices

Before getting started, you are going to need two Alexa-enabled smart speakers in your house. One of the speakers will be kept in your baby’s room. Another speaker, you have to keep where you are. This can be another Alexa smart speaker or your smartphone as well. If you have an Echo Show in your baby’s room, you also need the same device to see the video feed.

Also, make sure that ‘Calling’ and ‘Drop In’ features are enabled.

Steps to Follow to activate the Drop-In feature.

The process to set up your echo devices is relatively simple; what is essential is the settings you should enable in the Alexa application. Follow these steps to activate the Drop-In feature.

  • Launch the Alexa application and go to settings.
  • Click on Communicate.
  • Select Drop-In.
  • If your Drop-In feature is not activated, click on My Communication Settings in the pop-up.
  • Then select Allow Drop-In and click on OK.

Now, you can use the app to drop in on any Echo speaker, including the one in your baby’s room. After this, we need to make sure that both Echo speakers are correctly set up to allow calls and drop-ins. To do this, head to every device under the Devices tab and then navigate to Communication. If it says ‘enabled,’ you are good to go.

Also, make sure both ‘Calling & Messaging’ and ‘Drop In’ are enabled.

Testing the Baby Monitor.

It’s time to test this out. The first test we will do is the calling test. This is best done in your baby’s room as you can start the call there and answer after leaving the room.

Turn the volume down to avoid any background noise coming through on your baby’s Echo speaker.

Say, “Alexa, call my receiver Echo.” You’ll notice that the Echo will go to calling mode (indicated by the green light)

Once you’re done, go to the receiver Echo speaker and say, “Alexa, answer the call.” And that is how you will hear any noise from your baby’s room.

The second method is to use the drop-in feature to listen to your baby’s Echo speaker. Say, “Alexa, drop in on my baby room’s Echo.” Now, you’ll be able to hear any noise coming through the Echo in your baby’s room.

This is how you can use two Amazon Echo Speakers to set up a baby monitor.


So there you have it. You can use an Alexa-enable device with an Amazon Echo speaker as a baby monitor. You can even check on your baby’s room even if you are not home. If you have an internet connection on your phone, you can use the drop-in feature to check on your baby even if you are shopping for groceries.