Home Automation Companies Around The World

Home Automation Companies Around The World

The rise in modern consumerism and search for comfort and efficiency has fueled the start and acceleration of Automation and smart assistance companies that connect everyday devices and appliances with automation.

With a projected global home automation market size to reach USD 101.96 Billion by the end of 2025 different companies from various companies are looking to grab a piece of the pie.

What Does Home Automation Products Include?

Home automation products include but not limited to Security and Surveillance System, Home Lighting System, Home Entertainment, Thermostats.

From the entire area of the house to the specific section of the house, home automation can help automate Security and surveillance needs.

Whether you want to automate or have managed temperature and lighting services it can be achieved using Home automation and smart devices.

Another used home service is entertainment, you can automate the commands to play your favorite shows or play your favorite music on your home theater its all one command away.

Top Home Automation Companies List

All home automation companies have been grouped into four main regions: ASEAN, Africa, Europe, America. For each category, top research companies and manufacturers have been listed. Check out our compilation of the best home automation companies below:

ASEAN Home Automation Companies


Jarton: https://www.jarton.co.th/
PrompTec:  https://connextconcept.com/
i-BECHAMP(Great Empire International Group): https://www.i-bechamp.com/


Bluguard Smart Home: https://www.bluguard.com.my/
MYCITY Smart Home: http://mycity.my/
VYROX IoT Smart Home: https://vyrox.com/
ACIS Technology: https://acistechnology.com/


Singtel: https://www.singtel.com/
Igloohome: https://www.igloohome.co/


SmartHome by Bkav: https://smarthome.bkav.com/


VSMARTTEK: https://www.smarttek.com.au/


Forefinger: https://www.forefinger-id.com/

African Home Automation Companies

European Home Automation Companies

The Loxone Company

American Home Automation Companies


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