How to Connect the Phone to the TV without WiFi

How to Connect the Phone to the TV without WiFi?

If you do not want to use WiFi to connect your phone and smart TV, there is good news, you do not have to. Many users find that there are a lot of benefits to having a TV and smartphone connected. This is because it allows you to use stream TV, movies, and music that you would otherwise not be able to watch on your TV.

There are multiple ways in which you can connect your smart TV and phone without WiFi. You can mirror your TV to your phone, use a special device that pairs the two devices, or use an HDMI cable.

How to Use Mirroring to Connect Your Smartphone and Your Smart TV?

Many people do not use WiFi to connect their TV on their phones. Mirroring is the process where you share what is on your phone screen with your smart TV’s screen. To mirror on your TV, just take the following steps.

· Make sure that your smart TV has a mirroring feature, then just choose the mirroring feature from the TV. 

· With both your smartphone and your TV, choose and open screen mirroring. 

· It should be ready to go and what is on your phone screen should now be visible on your TV screen.

Connect Your Smart TV with a Special Device

Several unique devices allow you to pair your smartphone with your TV. To use these, you need a device and a smartphone that uses the same operating system. For example, you will use the Chromecast with an Android phone or an Apple TV with an iPhone. The set up with these is very user friendly. You simply plug in your chosen device, download the pairing app on your phone, and you are good to go and start sharing the device on your phone.

How to Use an HDMI Cable to Pair Your Smartphone with Your Smart TV?

Using an HDMI cable to pair your smartphone with your TV is another simple thing that you can do. The first thing that you will have to do is to find an adapter that works with your phone and the HDMI cable. These are easily found in most electronics stores, online, or big-box retailers. Once you have this piece, you will be able to simply plug one end into the TV, one end into the phone, and then just choose the right connection from your TV’s menu. Now you are good to go and start sharing what is on your smartphone screen with your smart TV.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smartphones and Smart TVs

Will screen mirroring work without WiFi? 

One of the best things about screen mirroring is that it works without a WiFi connection. You do need a Smart TV that supports screen mirroring. If your TV does not have this feature, it will not be possible to use the feature. Screen mirroring does not just work between smartphones and smart TVs, the process also works with computers. This means that you can stream or download something to your desktop or laptop and share the screen with your TV.

Can you use a smart view without WiFi?

The Samsung Smart View app is now available for both iOS and Android devices. This app allows you to stream movies and photos from your phone or tablet directly to your Samsung TV within the same WiFi network. There are some functions that you can perform without WiFi but in most cases, you will need WiFi to share. Check out the What is WiFi Direct section of your manual to learn what functions will be operable without WiFi.

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