How To Troubleshoot and Fix Peacock TV Not Working On Roku

What to do if your Peacock TV isn’t working on Roku: If you find that the peacock tv is not working on your Roku device, here are a few steps to take in order to help resolve the issue:

How to activate Peacock TV on different devices?

How to Fix Slow Loading or Buffering Issue on Peacock TV

Check your internet connection & Restart your router: If you don’t have internet access, the peacock tv will not be able to connect. Make sure your modem is plugged in and that there is a connection active. It’s also suggested that you restart your router. Restarting the router may help with peacock tv not loading as well as slow loading and buffering problems.

Close and open the web browser: Closing your web browser and reopening it may be a good way to try and fix the peacock tv. You can also close any programs you have open on your device that might be taking up internet bandwidth, such as streaming video apps or anything else demanding the network connection.

Restart your computer: Sometimes, the peacock tv doesn’t work on Roku because of a conflict with your internet settings. Restarting your computer will allow you to begin fresh. In addition, restarting your computer will clear up any software issues you might have.

Restart your Roku device: If you are using a Roku player, make sure to fully reboot the device. A quick power boost of about ten seconds is more than enough to fix most problems.

Check for an update: Make sure you have the latest version of Peacock TV. Peacock TV is constantly updating its app, so make sure that you are running the latest version. To check for updates, go into Settings> System> About> Check for Updates. If there isn’t an option to download the most recent update, try restarting your computer again before checking back in.

Stop any downloads: If you are downloading a large file or several files, this may impact the peacock tv streaming. Close any downloads that you have opened and try again.

Check your firewall: In some cases, it’s possible that what’s holding back Peacock TV from working on Roku derives from how the software interacts with your firewall settings. You can check to see if there is a conflict by going into Windows Defender Security Center> Firewall & network protection> Allow an app through Windows Firewall after checking off “Public networks.” Make sure that both public and private boxes are checked before trying Peacock TV again.

Check your Remote: Roku devices are known for having very finicky remotes. If you have included the batteries properly and the remote still isn’t working, try using another remote or using a universal remote with your Roku device.

Fix any potential software issues: If you have tried all of these possible fixes, but your Peacock TV is still not loading on Roku, it’s a good idea to check your internet connection again. If the problem persists, you may have a software or hardware issue that needs to be fixed through troubleshooting.

The peacock tv subtitles not working Roku:

If the subtitles on peacock tv are not working, try turning them on from within the Settings menu. When you open Peacock TV, click on the triple dots in a circle that’s located in the top right corner of your screen. Once there, scroll all the way down until you see Subtitles and Captions. Click this option and then turn Captions to On. If subtitles still don’t work after changing these settings, contact customer service for more information about fixing peafowl tv not working on Roku devices.

The peacock tv airplay not working

  1. Click here to sign up for Peacock.
  2. Install the Peacock iPhone/iPad app.
  3. Once installed, log in using your Peacock credentials.
  4. Make sure your Smart TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone/iPad.
  5. Start playing the content in the Peacock app and select the AirPlay icon.
  6. Choose your Samsung Smart TV and it will start displaying on your Smart TV.

The peacock tv not mirroring

Peacock TV has disabled its mirroring. Don’t waste your time troubleshooting the device as this is disabled by Peacock TV itself.