The best outdoor projectors for outdoor movie viewing

Outdoor movie viewing has the potential to be a great family event, and with the right projector and location, you can make it happen. However, you have to choose the right projector. Unfortunately, not all projectors are created equal for outdoor movie viewing, which means it can be challenging to find a model with both high enough brightness and a large enough screen size. This article will help you pick out a great one so your next outdoor screening is successful.

Today, we look at five outdoor movie projectors that can enhance your outdoor movie experience.

Epson EF12 EpiqVision Mini – Overall great smart features

Features of Epson EF12 EpiqVision Mini :

1. Amazing pictures quality up to 381 I’m (150″)

Epson EF12 Delivers an impressive viewing experience for TV shows, sporting events, PlayStation gaming, and movies by projecting content up to 4k for a stunning full-HD HDR picture.

2. Sound by Yamaha (10w [2x 5w] speakers)

Epson EF12’s sound is powered by Yamaha with a custom-designed audiophile speaker system that delivers a cheerful and incredible performance and is easy to use. An additional feature is available to use as a stand-alone speaker by connecting via Bluetooth.

3. Built-in Android TV 

Epson EF12 is incorporated with the latest Android TV interface that is handy to use with a remote, and it also contains a voice search with built-in Google Assistant. Epson EF12 enables you to watch TV channels along with Live streaming TV via apps and much more.

4. Elegant Compact Design

Epson’s beautiful and elegant design suits any decor, and its Laser projector has a neat, portable, and stylish design.

5. Epson MicroLaser arrays technology

Epson’s unique multi-arrays diode technology creates an excellent and bright projection besides relatively augmenting the black density.

6. True 3-chip projector design

Epson is enriched with 3LCD technology and displays 100% of the RGB color signal for every frame, enabling remarkable color accuracy while bolstering excellent color brightness with ease.

7. Auto picture skew and focus correction

Epson’s auto picture skew and focus correction feature is a breeze for the user. Depending upon how you orient the projector to the wall, the projector will analyze the projected image and improve the focus for a beautiful viewing experience.

8. Built-in Chromecast

Seamlessly access your favorite content directly from your smartphone, tablet, PC, or IOS-powered devices.

9. Epson online meeting powered by zoom

built-in zoom video confronting facility available on Epson EF12 EpiqVision mini and least projection TV is furnished to deal with group calls, online meetings, and conferences regardless of any other software. (webcam required).

 PROS of Epson EF12 EpiqVision Mini 

  • The light output is perfect for its size
  • Natural Color Mode offers good color accuracy
  • Android interface makes it intuitive

CONS of Epson EF12 EpiqVision Mini 

  • Inconsequential HDR feature
  • Contrast is average and the black level is high


● The device must be connected to a network through a wireless connection of a minimum speed of 5 MBPS or more to use the Android TV.

● Some apps require a paid subscription to view.

BENQ G.V. 1 – Pocket friendly


1. Hassle-free setup

Benq GV1 liberates you from an entangled setup, unpleasant wireless connection, and unmanageable cables to start enjoying videos, social media, music, and games. Enjoy your favorite TV shows, online streaming programs while hanging with friends, cooking for family, or even working out. GV1 makes your entertainment more delightful. Gv1 has a beneficial hinge so you can adjust the projected height of the image for an accurate picture every time. Its 15° range implies the 100″ projected images can be increased up to 30.32 inches (max).

2. Auto Vertical keystone

When GV1’s hinge projects at an upward angle and the image will be misrepresented into a trapezoid instead of rectangular, the auto vertical keystone analyzes the projected image and keeps it square and straight.

3. Easy OTA updates

Always keep your GV1 updated with the latest trending and streaming apps, display drivers, software, and firmware via OVER THE AIR live updates.

● Gv1 comes with the Aptoide TV market; you can choose tools or media apps for more streaming services and stream content directly via wi-fi.

● To enjoy endless, exciting, and thrilling movies and games, download the smart apps to admire the infinite entertainment from the wireless.

4. wire-free projection via wi-fi, Bluetooth, or by itself

Gv1 projected videos, games, or music by dual-band wi-fi and Bluetooth from your android, computer, or laptop, empowers you to enjoy cable-free entertainment. Even when you have no access to the wi-fi or internet, GV1 has its wi-fi hotspot to stream wirelessly from your device’s local storage.

5. USB-connect for the latest smart devices

Easily connect your latest laptop phone and tablets through GV1’s single USB port to experience the best video quality projection. This handy port can simultaneously charge your device or play video or music from the USB flash drive.

● Media streaming via USB port. Note that not all devices with a USB cable have the display port functionality.

● It does supply power to mobile and laptop devices. Power supplying is only available when the GV1 power adapter is plugged in.

● Gv1’s USB-C port is also a media reader that can play music, videos, or movies directly through a USB device.

● HDMI TO USB-c adapter enables you to connect the HDMI devices such as blue ray. Notebook and apple TV to GV1 with type -c interface.

6. Bright and long-lasting pure LED light projection

GV1’S evolved LED projection lights source remains 30,000 hours for years of instant-on entertainment. Its LED-powered high brightness showcase big-screen entertainment up to 100.”

7.  Loud and clear Bluetooth speaker mode

GV1 functions as a battery-operated portable Bluetooth speaker at a single click on the button and enables you to enjoy crystal music wherever you go. Unleash the powerful 5 watts chambered speaker to fill the room.

8. 3 hours battery backup on binge-watching

GV1 projector battery life is for 3 hours. You are only able to see a single full-featured film at once. It weighs only 708g(1.6lbs) and is about the same size as a cup of coffee.


  • Light and portable
  • Netflix, PrimeVideo, and Disney+ comes with the projector
  • Powered by battery


  • The interface is not so intuitive
  • Loudness is mediocre
  • Gets very dim on battery power 

Samsung The Premiere LSP9T 4k – The one with the best picture and sound quality


1. 4k UHD Ultra bright Laser

Initiate your private cinema with 4k ultra HD and triple laser at home. Ultra-bright and high resolution with a clear edge triple laser technology.

● The premiere performs dramatic home cinema projection that’s just like being in a cinema hall using a triple laser light source.

● Exact color accuracy and stunning contrast on a max 130″ screen area, the premier is the world’s first HDR10+ certified projector for realistic and lively projection.

● The premiere screen size has two variants: the first screen size up to 120″ and the second screen size up to 130″. Prices also vary depending upon screen size.

● Detailed projection even in bright light. Get entertained anywhere you want with the premiere 2800 lumens of brightness to watch every detail of your movie, TV shows, and games regardless of light.

● watch True cinematic quality and experience movies with filmmaker mode, a brand-new feature of its kind introduced in the projector.

2. Sound system

With 4.2ch audio built-in experience, an incredible sound to harmonize the amazing display and get an outstanding picture quality. The sound system consumes energy up to 40 watts.

● The performance of the sound system is quite well from watching TV shows to playing games. It perfectly matches the projection.

● Elevate your sound system to a new altitude with a phenomenal experience of the premiere’s Acoustic Beam technology. With 22 holes to maximize the range of left and right speakers, it generates profound and sharp room-filling sound.

3. Blends within your space

Position your projector anywhere you want. The premiere can create a huge screen even when its placement is near to the wall and specialized built-in sensors automatically lower the brightness when it identifies anyone close.

4. Elegant design

The premiere is a blend of exceptional engineering with a marvelous and elegant design which makes its outer appearance remarkable and authentic. It looks beautiful from every angle because of the premium fabric finish.

5. Clear projection with or without a screen

The premiere picture projection quality on the blank wall is as good as on a white screen. Experience theater-like entertainment at home regardless of screen. Choose the right ultra-short-throw (UST) ambient light reducing (ALR) projector screen that can take your home entertainment to a new level.

6. Smart TV powered by Tizen

Smart TV empowers you to watch your favorite live streaming shows on an online platform like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc. Easy to access through remote by connecting to the internet

7. Multiple Voice assistant

seamless voice control with a built-in multiple voice assistant feature.

8. Mirror your phone

With the premiere, you can mirror your favorite shows, movies, and games directly through your phone or laptop.


  • Comes with a builtin Smart TV package
  • Extra features with other Samsung devices
  • 40-watt acoustic channel with the acoustic beam technology
  • Uses three lasers for vivid picture quality


  • Daylight brightness is not great compared to OLED/QLED TVs

Viewsonic M2 smart LED projector – The Affordable one with premium features 


1. Full HD Resolution

● M2 delivers a Full HD resolution of 1080p (1920×1080) to display a crystal clear projection with ultra-sharp pictures quality.

● M2 is incorporated with SuperColor+ technology to display precise and accurate color projection.

● M2’s frame interpolation technology, which lowers motion blur and works for precise and clear delivery of fast-moving images.

● Advanced LED technology allows you to use the projector for a duration of 4 hrs per day for more than 20 yrs (approx 30,000 hrs) with 2nd generation enhanced brightness and wide color gamut for a cinematic experience. No harmful mercury is used within LED technology.

2. Sound speakers

● Experience the thrilling sound of M2 speakers powered by the Harman/Kardon.

● The dual speaker developed by Harman/Kardon transmits vibrant and strong sound for a broad immersive experience whether you are watching movies, live concerts, or presenting your creative artwork.

● You can redirect the audio of a movie or an exciting game from the projector via bridging the Bluetooth of the projector to your Bluetooth headphones.

● You can connect your projector speakers with other soundbars via Bluetooth.

3. Excellent audiovisual presentation

● M2 is smaller than an A4 size paper which makes it easy to carry.

● Easily power it on with a power bank to cast your full HD massive screen show anywhere you wish.

● Wireless projection from smart devices with the help of 5Ghz fast speed wi-fi connectivity. The Screen-mirror feature is available.

● Convert your phone into a remote control for the m2 Projector and enjoy easy touch control over the projector by simply downloading a VCastSender app on your phone.

4. Quick and easy setup

● Instantly set up your m2 in less than 1 minute.

● M2 casts a precise image instantly with built-in autofocus and auto V keystone.

● M2 casts a flawlessly sharp image from any angle with built-in H/V keystone and 4 corners adjustment capabilities.

● Going big in small spaces, a 2.18-meter gap can create an 80″ widescreen display.

● Friendly with all kinds of cable connectivity like USB, HDMI, USB-c, micro SD, and wi-fi. m2 empowers you to connect and display from a variety of carrier devices directly to the big screen.

5. Voice assistant and built-in apps center

● M2 comes incorporated with the latest voice activation service, empowers you to control your projector via Amazon Alexa or google assistant.

● No need to watch boring TV series when you have access to a vast range of apps via a built-in apps center where you can subscribe to OTT platforms to watch online streaming and thrilling web series and movies.


  • Compact size with smart features
  • FHD resolution with Hardman Kardon speakers
  • Affordable price and 3 years of warranty


  • LAN connection missing
  • Manual adjustment features are minimal
  • High input lag

EPSON EH-LS500B – The premium one


1. Hassle-free setup

With Epson’s extraordinary ultra-short-throw lens, this elegant and portable design of EH-LS500B can be cast up to 305cm (120″) of the display onto the wall or screen. EH-LS500B comes intact with speakers that transmit an incredible sound quality and delivers a cinematic experience to enjoy at home.

2. Screenless experience

With EH-LS500B there is no need for a projector screen because EH-LS500B efficiently delivers the same viewing experience without any screen. Simply cast your projection on the wall that enables you to display large and wonderful projections according to your needs.

3. Easy plug-in and play option

Epson EH-LS500B empowers you to effortlessly connect USB-powered media devices to it and mirror or cast your favorite movies, series, or game incredibly. Connect your EH-LS500B projector to your smartphone and turn it into a smart projector.

4. Bright Laser technology

A hundred percent of the RGB brightness is cast for every frame even in a bright surrounding. This confirms wonderful color performance along with maintaining outstanding brightness without any rainbow effect or color display problems.


  • Easy to install
  • Clarity is impressive
  • Color performance is good
  • Ultra short throw


  • Audio is sub-par
  • The highest positions get noisy
  • Contrast is moderate