Eufy doorbell vs Arlo doorbell Everything you need to know.

Eufy doorbell vs Arlo doorbell Everything you need to know.

Eufy and Arlo are two recurring brands when it comes to video doorbells. Both of them have some great features that make them reliable video doorbells. Still, if you have to choose one, you might get confused. So here is an in-depth comparison between these two products.

FeaturesEufy doorbellArlo doorbell  
Resolution2K (2560 x 1920 pixels)Default: 1600 x 12001.5K (1536 x 1536 pixels)
Field of view160 degrees wide angle180 degrees
Aspect ratio4:31:1
Source of powerInbuilt battery (for wireless)Doorbell Wiring (16-24VAC, 30VA or above) (for wired) Inbuilt battery for wireless16-24VAC supply for wired with existing wiring
Night VisionYESYES
Motion detectionYESYES
Audio features2-way audioTwo-way audio
Cloud storageNOYES (Subscription based)
Local storage4GB for wired16GB for wirelessNO
PriceWired: $159.9Wireless: $169.9Wired: $129.99Wireless: $179.99Subscription:starting at $2.99/mo                        
ProsOn-board storage google Home and Alexa compatible Camera sensor with flood light easy to use the appDoorbell chimes includedBuilt-in sirenGoogle Home and Alexa compatible motion-sensed alerts12x zoom850 nm IR LED with cut filter 
ConsMultiple users, not allowed FOV covers a less vertical rangeNo chimes given cloud storage comes at a cost  


Eufy video doorbell:

  •  The battery-powered wireless variant of the Eufy video doorbell is equipped with a Sony 2k sensor and a professional-grade camera.
  •  This thus provides a crystal clear picture and video with a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels.
  • But this resolution must be selected in the settings as the default resolution of the video captured by the Eufy video doorbell is 1600 x 1200 pixels. The 2k resolution may not be compatible with some apps and services. You need to make sure of that.
  •  The wired variant offers the same resolution but the sensor is not from Sony. The distortion correction and HDR feature add crispness and sharpness to the video.

Arlo video doorbell :

  •  Arlo produces great video quality as it claims on its website.
  • The picture is vivid and there are plenty of details because of the high-quality HD and HDR (High Dynamic Range) video features.
  • The highest video resolution on the Arlo video doorbell is 1536 x 1536 pixels which produce great quality videos.
  • Since the sensor used is not a flagship one, the quality might be less great than that of the Eufy video doorbell.

Field of view (FOV) and Aspect ratio

Eufy video doorbell:

  • The Eufy doorbell has an unusually large display with an aspect ratio of 4:3. This is larger than most of the video doorbells in the market.
  • The camera offers a wide-angle field of view of 160 degrees which is great to cover a larger frame in front of the door.
  • The doorbell comes with an AI feature that sends notifications of the visitor at the door with a snapshot.
  • This snapshot sent along with the notification is a zoomed-in close-up photo of the person standing at your door.

Arlo video doorbell:

  • Arlo doorbell provides a pretty wide and tall video angle due to the square aspect ratio of 1:1.
  •  The field of view offered by the video doorbell is 180 degrees diagonal which captures a lot of vertical details such as packages on the floor at the door.
  • The lens on the doorbell captures maximum detail on the porch with minimal fisheye distortion.
  •  The AI technology in-built can differentiate between people, packages, animals, and vehicles. Thus you can customize the notifications as per your need.

Night Vision

Eufy video doorbell:

  •  The night is the time when most intruders strike. Worry not for Eufy doorbell has an inbuilt IR LED night vision mode.
  • The device can capture crystal-clear video footage at 1080 pixels resolution on its high-definition (HD) camera.
  •  Apart from recording at night, the device also provides the user with a three-second video recording before sending a notification.
  • The doorbell is capable of capturing pictures during unfavorable weather conditions like thunderstorms and snow blizzards. It is better than Arlo because of the Sony Exmor sensor that it uses.
  •  The night vision pictures can be colored ones as the most recent devices use an onboard floodlight that emits 12 lumens of light within a 3 feet radius.

Arlo video doorbell:

  •  Arlo doorbell comes with high-powered infrared LEDs (850nm) and a 12x digital zoom along with an IR cut filter.
  • The device can record sharp and clear footage at night, credit to the camera’s high dynamic range (HDR) feature.
  • The camera has an inbuilt 3 second buffering which sends footage of 4 seconds before the notification.
  •  The camera is suitable for all kinds of rough weather as it is IP67 certified.
  •  Arlo doorbells can capture good footage at night even if the weather is bad like a hurricane or heavy rainfall.

Motion Detection

Eufy video doorbell:

  •  This video doorbell from Eufy comes with an inbuilt Motion detection sensor that will detect all the motion in its field of view.
  • The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted so that it doesn’t send a notification, every time the slightest movement occurs like the passing of a car.
  • The AI algorithm identifies animals, humans, packages and even cars. You can tweak the sensitivity to only humans or only persons so that you won’t wake up in the middle of the night due to a false notification.
  •  You can also adjust the activity zone to scan for motion. The video camera sends you a footage of 3 seconds before a motion occurs so that you can have some context about the event.

Arlo Video doorbell:

  • The Arlo Video doorbell is equipped with a single motion sensor and can detect 110 degrees of horizontal motion.
  •  The video camera on the doorbell records and presents the footage in a circular shape. The app of the device allows the user to create a personal customized motion-detection zone.
  •  This makes it easier for the user to define the area around your front door where you want the doorbell to ignore any motion.
  • This is quite useful for blocking out windchimes and swaying of shrubs due to wind which otherwise may set the doorbell off. After the motion sensors are activated, an alert is sent right away without any lag.
  • The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted so that it does not send an alert to the user every time it detects an animal or a non-human object. This can be annoying during sleeping hours.


Eufy video doorbell:

  •  The Eufy doorbell comes with a military-grade AES-256 chip local onboard storage. This is probably the biggest selling point of the device as cloud storage comes at a monthly premium.
  • The wired variant of the Eufy video doorbell comes with 4GB of storage which is capable of storing 900 30-sec footage.
  •  Once the memory is completely occupied, it will continue to record new video footage by overwriting the oldest clips.
  • The wireless battery-powered variant comes with 16 gigs of storage and it claims to record for 180 days straight.
  • If some recordings need to be saved then you can download the same from the app.

Arlo video doorbell:

  •  Arlo doorbells (both wired and wireless) don’t offer onboard storage and the user has to buy cloud storage as Arlo smart plan.
  • There are two categories of the plan: Premier and Elite. Premier costs $2.99/month for a single camera and $9.99/month for multiple (up to 5) cameras. Elite plan comes for $4.99/month for a single camera and $14.99/month for multiple (up to 5) cameras.
  •  The difference between the two plans is the quality of videos they record. 2k videos are saved on the cloud under the Premier scheme and 4k videos are saved under the Elite plan.
  •  The footage is saved for 30 days and after the oldest ones are overwritten. If you don’t buy a subscription then all you can do is watch live streams and receive notifications without any AI filtering.

Audio Feature

Eufy video doorbell: The device comes with a 2-way audio system. The audio quality on the video clips as well as on calls is crisp and clear. There is hardly any lag present during the calls.

Arlo video doorbell: This too comes with a 2-way audio system but the quality is inferior to Eufy according to reviewers.  

Final Verdict:

  • Both the security devices are great when it comes to the features a video doorbell needs to have and the price tags are similar as well.
  • But Eufy can stand out as a money saver in the long run because of the high-quality storage present on the device locally. The monthly subscription of the Arlo smart makes Arlo doorbell an expensive package
  • The camera sensors on Eufy wireless are better than that of Arlo as the former uses a genuine Sony sensor.
  • Arlo stands out in terms of durability and sturdiness.