How to Turn ON Hisense TV without Remote

If you have lost your TV remote or it has stopped working, don’t worry! You can still turn on your Hisense TV without it. Many people are unaware of this fact, but your Hisense TV can be turned on using other smart devices. In this article, we will show you how to do just that!

It is a moment of panic when the TV remote stops working or is lost somewhere. But, as smart TVs are getting smarter, they can be controlled via other smart devices when the remote is not available or functional.

This is often the case with Hisense TVs. While they are getting quite popular because of the unparallel picture quality courtesy of new HDR10 technology, the remotes stop working quite often.

So, This article is all about how to Turn ON a Hisense TV without a remote.

The Basic Option (the manual way)

This is the simplest way to power on your Hisense TV by using the manual buttons provided on the TV.

All you need to do is, find or locate the power button on your Hisense TV. It is usually placed at the bottom of the TV. Once you find it, simply press the button to power on your Hisense TV. If you want to power it off, you can press the power button again.

Apart from the physical power button, you will find other manual controls or buttons for changing channels, volume control, and interactive menu buttons.

While this approach is quite simple, it is not feasible or comfortable as you are not in reach of your TV all the time. You will have to go to your TV in order to do anything like changing the channel or adjusting the volume

So, there are smarter alternatives to that. Let us check them out.

The Mobile Apps

There are several Smart TVs in the market that come with their own mobile app. The app can be used to control all the functions of the TV like you would do with the TV remote. Unfortunately, there is no such mobile app for HiSense TVs.

However, there are other mobile apps that can be used with any TV. These apps are easily available on both Google Play Store and the iOS or Apple App Store.

Hisense TVs work on two specific operating systems viz. Roku OS and the Android OS. So, you can use either of the apps to switch on your Hisense TV without its remote.

The only thing you have to make sure of is both your smartphone and your Hisense Smart TV are connected to the same WiFi or internet network.

Roku TV Remote app

With Roku TV Remote app, you can do much more than just turn on your Hisense TV without its original remote. You can control other functions as well. Furthermore, you can also use Voice Control to maneuver some of the features. This way, your smartphone will function as a TV remote.

Now, let us see how you can use Roku TV Remote app to control your Hisense TV. 

  1. Download the “Roku Official Remote Control” app from either Google Play Store or iOS App Store ( Apple) depending on whether you own an Android smartphone or an iPhone.
  2. Once the app is downloaded and installed on your smartphone, launch it.
  3. On the app, search for your Hisense TV with the exact model description.
  4. Next, pair the TV with the app. This will take a few seconds.
  5. Now tap on the “Remote” tab at the bottom of the app screen to control the TV.
  6. A power button is provided in the middle of the screen. Tap on it to turn on your Hisense TV using the Roku Official Remote Control app.

Android TV Remote app

Android TV Remote app is another fantastic app that you can use to turn on your Hisense TV if the original remote stops working or are misplaced. Though there is a term Android in the name of the app, it works great with both Android and iOS devices.

Here are steps on how to turn on and control your Hisense TV using the Android TV remote app –

  1. Go to Google Play Store app or iOS App Store depending on your smartphone (Android or Apple)
  2. In the search bar, search for the “Android TV Remote Control” app.
  3. When you find it, download and install the app
  4. When the app is installed, launch it from the Play Store or App Store
  5. Now, in the Android TV Remote Control, search for your Hisense TV.
  6. When you find your particular Hisense TV model, pair it with the all.
  7. Now, the app screen will show a large power button in the center of the screen
  8. Tap on the power button to turn on your Hisense TV.
  9. You can also use voice control to control your Hisense TV.

Mi Remote App

If your smartphone comes with a dedicated Infrared (IR) Blaster, you can use the popular Mi Remote App to control your Hisense TV without its remote. This IR blaster works in the same way as the original remote. TV remotes communicate with the TV via Infrared signals. The small bulb at the top edge of the remote is the IR transmitter.

Most of the Xiaomi or Mi smartphones have an IR transmitter also known as IR Blaster at the top edge beside the secondary noise cancellation microphone. Make sure your smartphone has one or not.

Here is how you can turn on and control your Hisense TV with Mi Remote app –

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and search for Mi Remote app. Download and install the app
  2. Once the app is installed, launch in from the Google Play Store.
  3. When on the app, Tap the “+” sign provided at the top left corner of the app display.
  4. Select TV from the list of device categories you see.
  5. Next, Search for your Hisense TV brand using the search bar.
  6. When you find it, tap on it.
  7. Next, follow the instructions on the app screen to complete the pairing process.
  8. Once the pairing is completed successfully, you can press the power button to switch on or turn on your Hisense TV.