Lets Reset Kasa Smart Plug today!

TPLINK’s Kasa Smart Plug is one of the most well-known smart plugs on the market. So, if you own one and want to know how to reset it, you’ve come to the correct place. There are two methods for resetting a TPLINK Kasa Smart Plug.

  1. Soft Reset
  2. Hard Reset or Factory Reset

How to Soft Reset Kasa Smart Plug?

Soft Reset is recommended when you can see your Kasa Smart Plug on your home control system but it is not functioning properly or responding well to the app. Soft Reset fixes many unidentifiable issues on your Kasa Smart Plug. A Soft Reset is a great tool because it tries to fix the issue without deleting data and settings.

To Soft Reset your Kasa Smart Plug, here is what you need to do: 

  • To start, you will have to plug your TP-LINK Kasa smart plug into an AC power socket in your room.
  • Now find the “reset or settings” button provided at the top edge of the plug. The button often looks like a gear and you can locate it easily.
  • Once you have located the setting button, press it and hold the press for 5 seconds at least until the indicator light starts flashing green and amber.
  • When the blinking starts, you can go to the Kasa app and follow the prompts you see there.
  • If there are no prompts to follow on the app, this means your Kasa smart plug is now reset after the blinking stops.
  • Soft Reset is complete and it should fix your issue!

How to Factory Reset Kasa Smart Plug?

You will have to perform a Factory Reset if and only if Soft Reset doesn’t solve your problem with Kasa Smart Plug. Keep in mind that Factory reset will delete all your custom settings and data, bringing the Kasa Smart Plug to its default settings.

Factory Reset should be performed if:

  1. You want to change the ownership of the Kasa smart plug
  2. Connection issue or glitch cannot be solved by Soft Reset

In order to Factory Reset your Kasa Smart Plug follow the given steps –

  1. First, you will need to plug your Kasa Smart Plug into an AC power outlet
  2. After that, press the settings or the reset button on the smart plug and keep the hold for around 10 seconds.
  3. The indicator light will start blinking amber rapidly.
  4. When the rapid blinking starts, this means that your Kasa Smart Plug is in reset mode. Now, release the press.
  5. Factory Reset on your Kasa Smart Plug is not complete.
  6. You can reconfigure it as a new device and it should work fine.

Why Is Kasa Smart Plug Not Working and How To Fix It?

There might be situations with Kasa Smart Plug where it is not working properly and there is some recurring connection issue.

There can be various reasons for such a glitch in the functioning of your Kasa Smart plug. Here are a few tips that you can try to fix the issue.

See if the Kasa Smart Plug is plugged in properly 

It is common to have a faulty power socket at your home and when you connect your Kasa smart plug into it, it won’t get power to function. Since you cannot control your Kasa smart plug via the app if it is not connected to a power source, make sure the socket is working fine. 

Your Kasa smart plug will not connect to the WiFi as well if it is not plugged in. so make sure the indicator light is ON.

2.4 GHz WiFi band is a must

The Kasa Smart Plug from TP-LINK is designed to work with the 2.4 GHz WiFi band. So, check your router’s settings and make sure the WiFi band is set to the correct frequency band for the Kasa smart plug.

A stable WiFi network is needed

If the internet connection or the WiFi network at your home is not a strong one, it is highly likely that your Kasa Smart plug will not work properly as the connection will drop from time to time. Thus. make sure that the WiFi network is a strong one.

Your router might have reached its connection limit

Only a limited number of devices can be connected to a WiFi network via a router. The number of connections that a router can offer varies from one router to another. A normal home router has a maximum device limit of 20 to 50. Whereas, high-end routers can hook up to 200 devices to a network at the same time.

While it is a rare scenario, it is still possible that your router has exceeded its device limit and you cannot connect your Kasa smart plug to the network.

Factory Reset – the final weapon in the arsenal

If none of the hacks and tips provided above fix your issue with the Kasa Smart Plug, you can do a Factory Reset. You can follow the steps provided above for the same.

How to Change the Wi-Fi on Kasa Smart Plug?

Here is the truth, you cannot change WiFi settings or network on your Kasa Smart Plug via the app. So, if you wish to change the WiFi network, you will need to reconfigure it like a new device and for that, you will have to Factory Reset your Kasa Smart Plug.

Remember, Factory Reset will delete all the settings and custom configurations that you already have on the smart plug. So, proceed with caution.

Kasa Smart Plug: How do I pair the smart plug with my phone? 

  1. Download the Kasa app on your smartphone from the corresponding app marketplace depending on the OS of your smartphone
  2. Once installed, open the app and create a new Kasa account and log in with it on the app
  3. Now, on the app screen, click on the plus sign provided on the top right corner of the screen
  4. Now select Device > Smart Plug> Smart Plug Lite/Mini. The app will know which Kasa Smart Plug you are trying to install.
  5. Now plug the smart plug into a power socket. The LED indicators will blink orange and blue which indicates pairing mode.
  6. Tap on “Orange and Blue” on the app when you see these lights
  7. Now follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup process.