Reset Meta Quest Pro: Different Ways that work

The Meta Quest Pro is one of our newest and most luxurious devices. It has high-res sensors for a more believable virtual reality experience, sleek LCD displays, state-of-the-art design, eye tracking, and Natural Facial Expressions to make your VR avatar look and feel more like you.

There are a few different ways to reset Meta Quest Pro, follow the instructions below to successfully reset the device.

Method 1: Using the Meta Quest Pro Headset

Step 1: Power off your Meta Quest Pro Headset

● To power off your Meta Quest Pro Headset, you need to press and hold the Power Button.

● Consequently, the Power Menu will appear.

● Using the controller or the trigger, point to the Blue tab that says “Power off”

● Finally, Squeeze the trigger to select the Power Off option

Step 2: The Power and Volume Down buttons need to be pressed and held simultaneously

● You will find the pill-shaped power button placed on the right side of the Meta Quest Pro headset.

● The Volume rockers are placed on the bottom-right side of the Meta Quest Pro headset, just below the right lens of the VR headset

● Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time and this will load the Meta Quest Pro into the boot screen

● Make sure that you have put on the Meta Quest Pro headset so that the boot menu is visible

Step 3: Select the Factory Reset option to Reset your Meta Quest Pro headset

● Using the Volume Up and Down buttons you can navigate between the different options shown on the boot menu

● You need to highlight the Factory Reset option and press the Power button provided on the right side of the Quest Pro to select the Reset option

● You will be provided with a prompt saying “ Yes, erase and factory Reset” option.

● Press the power button to confirm this and the Factory Reset will complete in a few minutes

Method 2: Reset Using the Oculus Mobile App

Step 1: Download the Oculus App 

● First, download and install the Oculus app from the Google Play Store (for Android smartphones) and from Apple App Store (for iOS devices). The app is free of cost.

● Once the app is downloaded and installed, launch the app

● Sign in with your Oculus or Facebook account credentials.

Step 2: Keep your smartphone or tablet near your Meta Quest Pro

● It is essential to keep your Meta Quest Pro headset near your smartphone or tablet to facilitate an easy and strong connection

● Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone or tablet

● Now, Launch the Oculus app on your device

Step 3: Select your Meta Quest Pro headset from the list

● Select the Devices option on the Oculus app. It is the second icon present at the bottom of the app on the right side. The icon resembles a Quest VR headset

● Once you tap on it, the app will connect with your Meta Quest Pro and the VR headset settings will be displayed on the screen

● If you have paired more than one Meta Quest Pro device to the Oculus app, you need to tap on the drop-down list provided in the upper-left corner of the screen

● From the list, select your Meta Quest Pro device

Step 4: Complete the Factory Reset

● Now, tap on the “Advanced Settings” option which is usually the fifth option in the Settings Menu of the Headset. It is placed next to an icon that looks like a gear.

● Next, tap on the “Factory Reset” option which is provided as the last option in the “Advanced Settings” Menu.

● A prompt will pop up asking if you are sure about the factory reset.

● Tap on the “Reset” option on the confirmation pop-up.

● This will consider your decision and initiate a factory reset

● It will take a few minutes for the Reset to complete.