How to reset Smart plug [Gosund, Wemo, Kasa, tp-link] in 2022

While smart plugs are a cool and efficient Smart Home System, they often exhibit issues related to connectivity or glitch in the LED indicators. In this blog post, we figure out how to fix these issues via soft or hard reset. Is your smart plug present on our list? Check it out.

How to reset the Gosund Smart Plug?

It is quite simple to factory reset a Smart Life Plug. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Disconnect the Smart Life Plug from the power socket
  2. Press and hold the power button
  3. While pressing the power button, plug the Smart Life Plug back into the outlet
  4. Wait for a click sound and the LED light will turn on
  5. Release the Hold
  6. Your Smart Life Plug is now Factory Reset.

How to Reset Wemo Smart Plugs?

You will have to move to reset your Wemo Smart Plug if the rebooting doesn’t fix the problem. There are two ways you can deploy to reset your Wemo Smart Plug.

Reset Wemo Smart Plugs via the Wemo App

  1. Open the Wemo app on your smartphone or tablet. Make sure you are logged in with your Wemo account.
  2. Once you are in the app. You will see an “Edit” option. It is present in the upper right-hand corner of the app display. Tap on it.
  3. Click on your device (for example – Wemo Mini).
  4. You will see the Reset option. Tap on it.
  5. Once you tap on the Reset option, you will see three modes of reset.
    1. Clear Personalized Info – If you want to troubleshoot the issue without losing any of your data.
    2. Change WiFi – if you wish to change the WiFi network name and password
    3. Factory Reset – if you wish to delete all the settings on the device and bring it back to its default settings.
  6. Choose the option that suits you most and proceed with it.
  7. You are done resetting the Wemo Mini smart plug from the Wemo App.

Hard Reset Wemo Smart Plugs using the Power Button

  1. First, Plug your Wemo Mini Smart Plug into a power source socket.
  2. Now, press the power button and hold the press for around 20 seconds until the status light starts flashing white rapidly.
  3. The blinking white light indicates that the Wemo Mini Smart Plug is in reset mode and you can release the hold now.
  4. The reset is complete and all of your data on the device will be deleted.
  5.  You will have to reconfigure the app and connect it to your Wemo smart plug again.

How to Reset Kasa Smart Plug?

Kasa Smart Plug from TPLINK is one of the popular smart plugs in the market. So, if you own one and you want to know how to reset it, you are at the right place. There are two ways you can reset a TPLINK Kasa Smart Plug.

  • Soft Reset
  • Hard Reset or Factory Reset

How to Soft Reset Kasa Smart Plug?

Soft Reset is recommended when you can see your Kasa Smart Plug on your home control system but it is not functioning properly or responding well to the app. Soft Reset fixes many unidentifiable issues on your Kasa Smart Plug. A Soft Reset is a great tool because it tries to fix the issue without deleting data and settings. 

To Soft Reset your Kasa Smart Plug, here is what you need to do –  

  1. To start, you will have to plug your TP-LINK Kasa smart plug into an AC power socket in your room.
  2. Now find the “reset or settings” button provided at the top edge of the plug. The button often looks like a gear and you can locate it easily.
  3. Once you have located the setting button, press it and hold the press for 5 seconds at least until the indicator light starts flashing green and amber.
  4. When the blinking starts, you can go to the Kasa app and follow the prompts you see there.
  5. If there are no prompts to follow on the app, this means your Kasa smart plug is now reset after the blinking stops.
  6. Soft Reset is complete and it should fix your issue!

How to Factory Reset Kasa Smart Plug?

You will have to perform a Factory Reset if and only if Soft Reset doesn’t solve your problem with Kasa Smart Plug. Keep in mind that Factory reset will delete all your custom settings and data, bringing the Kasa Smart Plug to its default settings.

Factory Reset should be performed if –

  • You want to change the ownership of the Kasa smart plug
  • Connection issue or glitch cannot be solved by Soft Reset

In order to Factory Reset your Kasa Smart Plug follow the given steps –

  1. First, you will need to plug your Kasa Smart Plug into an AC power outlet
  2. After that, press the settings or the reset button on the smart plug and keep the hold for around 10 seconds.
  3. The indicator light will start blinking amber rapidly.
  4. When the rapid blinking starts, this means that your Kasa Smart Plug is in reset mode. Now, release the press.
  5. Factory Reset on your Kasa Smart Plug is not complete.
  6. You can reconfigure it as a new device and it should work fine.

How to Reset Amazon Smart Plug?

Amazon Smart Plug is another great smart plug in the market. But, there might be some faulty issues or connection problems with the Smart Plug. If you own an Amazon Smart plug and have started noticing malfunctioning in the smart plug, you will have to hard reset it to fix the issue.

You can follow the steps given to perform a hard reset on Amazon Smart Plug.

  1. Start with plugging your Amazon smart plug into an AC power socket
  2. Now, press the action button present on the side of your Amazon Smart plug
  3. Keep on the hold and the indicator light will start flashing red
  4. Keep holding the press that way unless the red flashing changes to blue
  5. Once the LED is flashing blue, your Amazon Smart Plug goes into Reset Mode
  6. You can release the action button now and reconfigure the smart plug as a new device.

How to Reset TP-Link Smart wifi Plug?

If you are a proud owner of a TP-LINK Smart WiFi plug and want to know how to reset it, you are at the right place.

You can follow the step-by-step process to complete the reset of your TP-LINK Smart WiFi plug outlet to default factory settings.

  • Along the top edge of the TP-LINK Smart Plug, you will find a settings button with a gear icon. Press and hold the setting button for around 10 seconds.
  • Five seconds into the hold, you will see the WiFi light on the smart plug will start blinking with the LED color\s changing between green and amber,
  • In the next 5 seconds, you will notice that the power indicator LED will turn off. Also, the WiFi LED light will start flashing rapidly in amber color.
  • Now release the hold on the setting button when the WiFi LED starts blinking amber.
  • When you let go of the hold, all the LED lights on the TP-LINK Smart plug will be off for a while.
  • Now, you will hear a loud click sound and the WiFi LED will turn back on with solid amber color for a few seconds.
  • After a few seconds, it will again start blinking with amber and green color. This indicates that your TP-LINK Smart Plug has been Factory Reset.

How to reset the Teckin smart plug?

If you are facing connectivity issues with your Teckin smart plug, Factory Reset is the ultimate fix to solve the problem. If you are not sure how to perform a Factory Reset on your Teckin Smart Plug, you can follow the steps provided below.

  1. Plug your Teckin Smart Plug into a power outlet and the LED on the power button will be flashing a solid Red color
  2. Press and hold the power button (given on the side) for about 5 to 10 seconds
  3. The LED light will start blinking rapidly between white and red. This means, your Teckin smart plug is in Factory Reset mode.
  4. Your Teckin Smart Plug is now Factory Reset. Thus, all the custom settings will be erased and you will have to start all over again to set up the smart plug with the app on your smartphone.
  5. Press the power button once again, and the blue light will start blinking rapidly. This means you will have to set up your Teckin smart plug as a new device

How to Reset the Topgreener Smart Plug?

  1. Topgreener Smart WiFi Plug is popular among smart home enthusiasts. So, if you are one of us and want to learn how to Reset your TopGreener Smart Plug, follow the steps –
  2. Plug the TopGreener Smart plug into the power source first
  3. Now confirm that the indicator light on the WiFi symbol is flashing Solid Green
  4. Now pull it out of the socket and keep it that way for 10 seconds before plugging it back into the socket
  5. Now press and hold the power button for around 5 seconds and the indicator light on the WiFi symbol starts blinking rapidly.
  6. Your TopGreener Smart Plug is now Factory Reset.

When Does Your Smart Plug Require Factory Reset?

Factory Reset, also known as Hard Reset is the final step you should take to fix connection-related issues with your Smart Plug.

Here are a few problems that might occur and you might have to Factory Reset your Smart Plug to solve them.

  • If the related app on your smartphone cannot find or connect to the corresponding WiFi smart plug.
  • If you cannot control the smart plug via the app on your smartphone
  • You have encountered an error during the setup process
  • If your smart plug is unresponsive to the app or smart assistant voice prompts
  • If the LED light is stuck or you are facing an issue with the configuration or settings on your Smart Plug
  • Your Smart Plug fails to connect to the WiFi network at your home even when the WiFi is stable and fast

The setup procedure for the Smart Plug did not work. What can I do?

It is quite common to encounter errors during the setup process of the Smart plug. This will result in failure in the procedure and you will have to start the process again. But, before restarting the setup all over again you will have to reset the smart plug. Else, you will face more errors while adding the smart plug to the app on your phone.

In order to reset, you can follow a simple general method.

  1. Plug the smart plug into a power socket on the wall
  2. Press the action/reset/power (depending on brand) button for around 5 to 15 seconds and release it
  3. The blue indicator light will blink 5 times followed by a click sound. After that, the blue LED will start flashing quietly.
  4. This means that the factory reset is complete and you can start the setup process again.

Why is the LED indicator off?

If the LED indicator is not glowing and is off, it means either the power supply is off or the WiFi LED has been deactivated manually in the app settings.

How many Smart Plugs can I connect?

The number of Smart Plugs that you can connect depends on the maximum device capacity of your WiFi router. A normal router can connect from 30 to 50 devices to the WiFi network whereas a premium one can be used to connect over 200 devices at once.
If you know the device limit of your home internet router, you will get an idea about how many smart plugs you can connect.