How To Activate Firestone Card?

Follow the steps listed to Activate your card today.

Firestone Complete Auto Care Card is a credit card issued by Firestone. Firestone operates the Firestone Complete Auto Care centers across the country that offer a wide range of maintenance services.

Founded in 1900, Firestone started as a tire and rubber manufacturing company. But today, it has grown to be a much bigger business operating more than 1700 service centers.

Firestone service centers have become a primary choice for drivers who need maintenance services.

How to get the Firestone credit card?

You must be at least 18 years or older to apply for the Firestone Complete Auto Care credit card. Visit Firestone’s official website to apply for this card online. You can also apply in person at any Firestone location.

Benefits of Firestone Credit Card

  • With a Firestone credit card, new cardholders can save 5% on their first order.
  • One of the key benefits is if you spend more than $149, you have six months to pay the amount. Interest will not be charged for the six months if you make the minimum payment each month.
  • No annual fee is charged for the use of a Firestone Credit Card.
  • You can pay for any maintenance services at any of the 1700 Firestone service centers.
  • Firestone offers exclusive deals and coupons for cardholders.

How to activate your Firestone credit card Online?

Follow these simple steps to activate your Firestone credit card Online:

  • First, Go to
  • There are three steps to the Card activation
  • First Enter the Your Information[Credit Card Number, Social Security, Email, Username, and Password.
  • Then, Input required details prompted on pages 2 and 3 then continue.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions (if any) to activate your card.

Where to use the Firestone Credit Card?

The firestone card can be used at any Firestone location to pay your bill. Many drivers use the card to pay for new tires, repairs, and maintenance costs. Keep in mind, the Firestone card is a private label credit card, which is why you cannot use the card at other locations or ATMs.

Do I need a good credit score to receive the Firestone Credit Card?

Like many other credit cards, you will need a fairly good credit score to receive the Firestone card. A credit score of 580-669 is considered to be fair while a score of 670-739 is considered a good score. 

Some users have reported that they were able to get the Firestone card even with low credit scores which is why it seems you do not need an outstanding credit score to get this card.

Can I pay my Firestone bill online?

To pay your bill online, you need to create an account with CFNA, which is Firestone’s third-party finance company. Once you create an account follow these simple steps to pay your bill online:

  • Navigate to the CFNA login page.
  • Select View Payments.
  • Select your payment amount.
  • To confirm your payment, enter your bank account number and bank routing number.

How to pay your Firestone bill over the phone?

CFNA allows cardholders to pay their Firestone bill directly from their bank account via phone at 800-321-3950. Keep in mind, you must pay the $4.95 processing fee if you choose to pay your bill this way.

How to pay your Firestone bill via mail?

CFNA also accepts money orders and paper checks if you decide to pay your bills by mail. However, you must send the payment coupon from your credit card statement with your mail. In case you don’t have the coupon, be sure to write your Firestone credit card account number on the check so that your payment is credited to your account.