How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Apple Devices?

With new iPhone updates, now users can easily connect their Xbox One Wireless controller to Apple devices.

But before you take steps to pair your iPhone to your controller, make sure you have the latest version of the operating system your phone is using, in this case, iOS.

Thanks to this, gaming on your iPhone using a controller is now possible. Although many of the games in the App Store do not support the controller, some do and nearly every game in the Apple Arcade does.

Also, you can only pair your controller if your controller has Bluetooth capabilities.

How to find out if your controller is Bluetooth enabled

If your Xbox One controller has plastic around the Xbox button then it has Bluetooth capabilities. You can also test it. Press and hold the button for a few seconds and then the backlight lights up signaling it’s ready to pair.

If your controller has Bluetooth then proceed with the pairing.

How to connect your Xbox One controller to iPhone

Follow these simple steps to connect your Xbox Controller to your iPhone:

  • If you are pairing for the first time, hold the Xbox One logo until its backlight turns on. If your controller is already paired with Xbox One then just hold the small button between the bumper buttons.
  • Open the Settings app in your iPhone.
  • Then select ‘Bluetooth’.
  • Nearby devices will be listed. If you see Xbox One Wireless Controller, tap on it.
  • Then click Yes to pair your controller.
  • Your Xbox is now paired with your iPhone.

How to connect Xbox One controller to your iPad

Pairing your controller to your iPad has its perks because when it comes to gaming, tapping on the screen is not as fun as smashing the buttons on your controller. Follow these steps to pair your Xbox Controller with your iPad:

  • Again, hold the Xbox One logo till the backlight flashes which indicates the pairing mode.
  • Then, open the Settings app on your iPad.
  • Navigate to Bluetooth.
  • Among the listed devices, choose your Xbox Controller.
  • At last, select Pair to pair your controller.

Follow these steps if you are having issues with connecting your controller:

  • If your controller is not connecting properly then, make sure you have the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, macOS.
  • Check with your game controller manufacturer, if you have to update your controller’s firmware.
  • Stay in your device’s Bluetooth range.